Get Instant Money With Instant Commission Affiliate Programs
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Instant Commission Affiliate Programs

instant commission affiliate programs

Instant Commission Affiliate Programs

Need money today? Then there’s no better way of getting paid quickly than with instant commission affiliate programs.

The beauty of the instant commission affiliate programs is that they offer a central hub which consolidates the offers from many individual affiliate programs.

Depending on the network, you will also find a variety of research tools which help you decide what products to promote as well as search tools to locate those products within the particular program.

You will also be provided with:

Your own affiliate ID for each product you promote A centralised location for your stats A centralised location for affiliate tools for each product

These affiliate tools may include product images, banners, keyword lists, swipes and more. Some networks will allow you to directly access the vendors affiliate tools for each product. In addition to those tools provided by the vendors, some networks also provide their own set of tools that can be used with any of the products in their marketplace.

Some networks also provide RSS feeds to use on your sites and can serve a dynamic feed for a specific vendors products as well as a feed that lists products from multiple vendors based on keywords. Others, such as RapBank, provide a WordPress plug-in that enables you to pull in product feeds, displaying them as ads on your site.

The major networks are entirely trustworthy when it comes to receiving your payment and their systems are often easier to understand than, for example, Clickbank.

Although they are newer than Clickbank, the fact that they pay instantly means that essentially you are in a better position as, if Clickbank were to go under tomorrow, you would lose all your pending commissions. With the instant payment networks this cannot happen.

What you do have to watch out for is the way in which you are paid your instant commissions. Some networks operate on a rotating payment system while others offer a straight split.

With the rotating payment system, you and the vendor will take terms in receiving the full payment for the product, starting with the vendor. You are responsible for refunding the purchase if it is you who has been credited with it. With a straight split system half the commission is paid immediately to the vendor and half to you as the affiliate.

Another advantage of the straight split system is that it avoids the problems that occur with the rotation system where you only get credit for every other sale.

Essentially this means that if you only make one sale you will not be paid. If you make three sales, you will only be paid for one of them. Added up over multiple campaigns this can amount to a lot of money that you are not receiving.

Which Instant Commission Affiliate Program?

I will now focus on the individual programs in no particular order of merit, listing their main advantages and disadvantages:


* Around 1648 products at the time of writing.

* Instant payment via PayPal.

* Free WordPress RapBank plug-in.

* Products across a wide variety of niches including health and fitness, dating and relationships, Internet marketing plus dedicated niche marketing section.

* To find products you can use the search bar, featured products list, last commented list, most recently added list and vendor spotlight.

* Excellent free reports section also helps you choose and includes sections on instant affiliate bonus products – some reports are only available if you upgrade to the vendor plus account.

* You need a business or Premier PayPal account.

RAPBank comes highly recommended and you can sign up for your free account here:

JV Zoo

* Does not rotate affiliate payouts unlike RAPBank and Warrior Plus – instead it operates a straight split. This means that if you are promoting a high ticket offer and only sell one then you don’t lose out.

* Fairly new marketplace but growing all the time and developed/backed by expert marketers.

* Send out the top five converting offers each day.

* JVZoo is extremely user-friendly and it is worth signing up

now as there is plenty of opportunity to promote products that are not so over exposed.

* Supports global vendor cookies for all affiliates which means that when you send a buyer to a particular product from a vendor, you are automatically cookied to any other product the vendor has in the marketplace. This can mean a great deal of extra welcome cash in your pocket without you having to expend any extra effort.

* Instant sales notification and tracking of sales and statistics provides you with up to the minute data. You can see not only how many sales you have made but also visitors and clicks received as well as conversion percentage and EPC for each campaign.

* You need a business or Premier PayPal account.

JVZoo comes highly recommended and you can sign up for your free account here:


* Like JV Zoo, DigiResults also offers a straight split of every sale, avoiding the problems of rotating commissions.

* DigiResults offer some of the highest converting products available with a good proportion offering 100% commissions.

* Owned and operated by respected Warrior Andy Fletcher, DigiResults is constantly innovating to improve the affiliate experience.

* DigiResults’ customer support is excellent, promising a response from a real person normally within less than 24 hours.

* Their system is clean, user-friendly and ideal for those new to affiliate marketing as well as the more experienced.

* They also offer an improved experience to your customers thanks to the direct receipt technology which ensures immediate access to their downloads even when PayPal is slow to confirm the purchase.

* Another highly recommended marketplace and you can sign up for free here:


* PaySpree’s creator, Gary McCaffrey, describes it as being: ‘Like a combination of RAP meets Paydotcom.’

* PaySpree has less choice than RAPBank but offers the same Clickbank style categories with a leaner interface.

* There is a knowledge base to help you out plus a support desk where you can raise a ticket in case of problems.

* PaySpree offers more payment options than other instant payment marketplaces, offering to pay your commissions to PayPal, AlertPay or Moneybookers (soon to be known as Skrill).

* Rather than taking a percentage of sales, it makes its money by charging a service fee on each sale you make as an affiliate. These fees are as follows:

Transaction Total Service Fee

Up to $4.99 Free $5-$19 99 $1 $20 and above $2

* PaySpree offers instant commissions as high as 100% and boasts ‘an ever expanding library of products to promote in lots of different niches.’

Another good marketplace and you can sign up for your free at:

Now all that’s left is for you to pick one of the above programs and choose a product to promote!

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